Leather Holsters

RTH holsters feature 100% veg-tanned leather. The natural oils and Lacquers accent the grain and structure of each piece. The holsters are treated with Neat’s-foot oil for suppleness & long-life durability — an acrylic lacquer applied as a topcoat aid in sweat & water repellence.

Recessed stitching with bonded nylon thread ensures long-life durability.

Burnished edges, ensure a quality finish resulting in a beautiful holster that will withstand moisture, sweat, and environmental conditions. The leather pieces range from Black to Dark Brown to a Natural Rustic Tan.

We offer a choice of belt slides, IWB (concealed carry) and Thumb break holsters. We specialize in modern sub-compact pistols—Glock, CZ, S&W etc.

  • All holsters and mag pouches are forward facing ensuring a more comfortable fit.
  • Holsters are also made for left-handed customers on request.