hand crafted in the ( Z.A.R. )

Artisan-made leather products, belts, holsters, and lifestyle accessories of perfect rugged quality.

Leather is a unique, organic material, with a feel and a form that develops a character and a personal association that a synthetic product can never match. Due to the natural character of the leather, each product will acquire a patina through wear and use that will accentuate a personal rustic feel and look.


RTH leather embraces defects that are part of the character of the leather. Slight inconsistencies in manufacture testify to artisan made. We do not aspire to perfection, but rather value through quality and performance. All our products are proudly made in the Z.A.R.


RTH leather products will last a lifetime, accumulate memories, and be passed on to the next generation.

Good leather is well worth your investment.



Our holsters are made with full grain veg tanned leather and stitched with bonded Nylon thread (and supported with rivets and steel shanks where applicable in stress areas) for long life durability.

Edges are burnished for a quality finish. Our holsters are treated with Neatsfoot oil and finished with an acrylic resin leather dressing to enhance sweat and moisture repellence.

High relief moulding gives a perfect weapon fit, but leaves the grip area clear for a full hand grasp. A leather shield protects the slide of your gun from sweat and adds to more comfortable wear.


Our belts are made from full grain leather, veg-tanned or bridal. All belts are treated with Neatsfoot oil and finished with an acrylic resin lacquer to ensure long life wear.

The edges of our belts are burnished for a quality finish whilst the “Chicago fastening screws” allows you the luxurious option of changing buckles if you would wish to do so.

All our belts are recessed stitched with Bonded Nylon thread to support use & abuse long life integrity.


Our EDC Gun-Belts features a three layer construction, starting with two outer layers of tanned, top-grain hide, reinforced with a high tensile Nylon strap joined together with an industrial strength adhesive.

The nylon core prevents horizontal stretching and adds rigidity to the vertical axis of the belt to distribute gun-carrying load evenly.

Recessed stitching using Bonded Nylon thread adds to the structural integrity and long life wear of the belt. Burnished edges add to a quality finish. All our belts are treated with Neatsfoot oil and finished with an acrylic resin, leather dressing to enhance outerwear durability.


We use a variety of natural hides; game, cow, snake, alligator, ostrich etc. in the various products that make up our accessory range of products. Stitched with bonded Nylon thread and riveted where required to add long life durability.

Where applicable, edges are bevelled, burnished and the product is treated with Neatsfoot oil and finished with an acrylic resin leather dressing to ensure durable wear.


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Please Note: DO NOT use your pants size as your belt measurement or order a desired size from buckle to tip. This will give you an incorrect fit.

Please, take the time to accurately measure for the correct fit before ordering a handcrafted belt. We cannot take responsibility for acting on incorrect instructions.